Rosina Wachtmeister was born in Vienna in 1939. She lived the first 5 years with his Evangelist grandparents in Silesia.
At the end of the war the whole family moved to Lake Attersee (grandparents, uncles, parents, sister ... all), Rosina's father is the doctor from Attersee and her mother (architect) opens a pottery workshop with her grandfather. It all starts here. Rosina's love for ceramics, art and gardens.

Rosina and her grandfather build large and small gardens on the shore of the lake. When Rosina is 14, the family decides to move to Brazil. There followed 14 very difficult years between learning Portuguese and then studying the School of Fine Arts.
At 28, Rosina arrives in Italy with a 7-year-old daughter whose father is an Italian painter. He teaches Rosina how to paint. Rosina paints and sells her paintings in Rome in Piazza Navona. Especially the paintings with cats are the ones that are sold very well. Here she meets Verkerke and starts working with the company that produces posters.
After almost 20 years Rosina moves on to work with the Goebel company and then with the other companies that today produce their products with Rosina's design.
Currently Rosina is dedicated to her garden and makes large sculptures of reinforced concrete.
Oreste, donkey with wings weighs a ton, must be moved with a crane!

Gabila & Caterina

Step-sisters Gabriella Musumeci (Gabila) and Caterina Bizzarri are the driving forces behind the successfully renowned brand “Rosina Wachmeister Licensing” (RWL).
Gabila and Caterina work together in securing and maintaining working relationships with their business partners to ensure the success and growth of RWL.
Through their efforts RWL is currently distributed across 9 countries (Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, France, England, Czech Republic, New Zealand and Russia) and plans are underway for the expanding distribution globally and an online web shop.