Find eight, nine, ten colors that you like.
Mine are: Lemon yellow, Golden yellow, Orange, Red Ruby, Green leaf, Cobalt blue, Sepia, Emerald green, white and black.
One crayon.
You can also glue what you like.
Everything that you don’t like anymore on your painting you can erase it with white.
You can also add golden and silver.
You will need a lamp to see better…. Your favorite music… a sketch pad If you have a cat let him attend!
Have fun and enjoy!


To Rosina the most important thing in her paintings are the colors.
Inspired by artists like Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Austrian), Niki de Saint Phalle (French-American), Jean Tinguely (Swiss), Imre Makovecz (Hungarian), Tomi Ungerer (French) and Afro Basaldella (Italian), you can see how their vibrant use of color and individual creativity had an impact in her own designs.